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A Reiki treatment, lasting anywhere between a half hour to an hour, is a wonderful nurturing experience that can leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Allowing my intuition, and therefore my hands, to guide me throughout the session, typically the head, shoulders, stomach, feet and the major energy centers of the body are balanced with the light and love of this amazing energy. It is not uncommon to feel its peaceful nature lasting for days after the treatment.

Since it is guided by the innate intelligence of the Universe or God energy, there are no contraindications. Virtually every known illness, injury or situation can be treated and eased with a Reiki treatment. While I would never guarantee that Reiki will cure any disease, I will say that even serious problems like cancer, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis are beneficially affected by Reiki.

I almost always combine Reiki with the massage sessions I offer. Intentionally combining the two not only helps release restrictions and increase mobility of the muscles, it also brings you into a deeper state of relaxation, receptivity, and awareness.

Many of my clients have reported experiencing a spiritual or mystical-like awareness during a treatment. Some see brilliant colors or experience deep emotional cleansing. While others simply experience a deep sense of relaxation. We can also focus on such things as goals, problem solving, protection from harm and much more during a Reiki session.

As Reiki flows through a sick or unhealthy area, it breaks up and washes away the blocks that created the illness or imbalance. This will reestablishes a healthy flow of Ki (life energy) to the area, restoring balance and health.


1/2 Hour Treatment: $40

1 Hour Treatment: $75