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I have an interesting philosophy about the services I offer… I am not the healer. YOU are the healer and only you can do the healing for yourself.   My job… to provide a safe, loving space and a service that can assist you in your healing. Other than that, YOU are 100% responsible.

With that said, this is how it goes… When you first come in you and I will have a conversation about what is going on for you, your body, and in your life, since it is all intimately connected! We then hold a mutual intention for your healing, whatever that looks like for you, and for your highest good!

If a massage is the treatment of choice then during a Therapeutic Massage some of the areas of your body may require deep tissue, another area soft Swedish massage, and yet another simply the loving touch of healing hands. Always, there is communication about what is working and not working for you during the treatment. Comfort is always a priority along with the intention of your highest well-being. There are other massage techniques that can be chosen as well… Lymphatic Massage, Hot Stone Massage (must be decided prior to time of session), Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage  (an ancient Hawaiian technique), and finally Chair Massage. Please click each for more information.

While I always say… “If everyone on the planet received a massage at least once a month there would be peace on earth” :), massage is not for everyone and may not be for you. If that is the case, there are a couple other options… a Reiki Treatment which you are fully clothed, lying on a massage table, receiving a hands on energy healing treatment.  Or a powerful dialogue technique called The Work™ by Byron Katie based on her book Loving What Is, in which I was trained during a 9-Day School.

My hours of availability are Monday – Thursday afternoons/early evenings by appointment only.
You can call me at 708-957-1284 or email at

Prices vary depending on service. Please see each service for details.