Hiking at Multnomah Falls in Oregon

A long time ago, ( I won’t say exactly how long ago, I’d give away my age, lol) my parents introduced me to a personal growth program called Lifestream, now called Pathways to Successful Living. In this program I discovered and began a journey of opening my heart towards finding joy in my life. I learned how it feels to forgive, to trust, and to be honest about who I am, creating strong loving relationships in my life; and I discovered that our answers come from within, not from any outside authority. For about 25 – 30 years I staffed the Pathways courses and learned how to serve others in finding fulfillment in their own lives.

Over the years I also worked in many different fields… from managing banquet halls, to being an administrative assistant, and finally managing a Caribou Coffee in Homewood, IL. But it was when I became a Reiki teacher, Massage Therapist and Co-Owner/Director of Insight Awareness, a Wellness and Education Center in Homewood IL, that I discovered my true purpose and joy in life!

There my business partner, John Sparks, and I provide a place for people of all walks of life the ability to discover and experience for themselves their own inner truths, peace and well-being. I believe that the community, and the world at large for that matter, is looking for such a place… a place that feels safe to simply be; a place to go inside and discover their personal inner truths; and a place where they can see the light and beauty of who they are. I have dedicated myself to gathering practitioners and educators, developing the Dragonfly Gift Shop, and spreading the word about what Insight Awareness has to offer.

When I’m not busy directing the business of Insight Awareness, I am very busy and in love with being a Massage Therapist and Reiki Teacher! Like WOW, it is so amazing to be of service to another human being and their journey towards health and well-being. It is such an honor to be invited into their space and join them in the very intimate journey of healing. It is mutually beneficial in ALL-WAYS and a total win win! You can see the types of massage, and more, that I offer under the Services tab.

Teaching Reiki is another WOW! While it may seem as though courses in Reiki have been around forever, our classes are very unique! John, my co-teacher, and I have experienced and therefore teach that immersing yourself in the Reiki energies serves you on your personal spiritual path. While Reiki can be simply explained as “universal life force energy” and a “hands on healing technique”; really it is a journey of personal healing and spiritual evolvement. When we are healed, when we live from joy, when we share our hearts, the world around us benefits to the enth degree! So, while it may seem selfish… I say heal thee first, serve thee first, love thee first – then what comes out of you is pure love and impacts the world and universe in a splendid way!

I look forward to meeting you, either via my blog, or in person at Insight Awareness for one of our classes or in a one on one session.